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We are offering wide range of polymer modified bitumen bindings for the asphalt construction and polymer modified waterproof finishers. By virtue of our science department and modern equipment we are able to produce individual orders taking into account region peculiarities such as weather conditions and road loading. On this page you will be able to get familiarized with several signature products as well as European and Russian Standards under production.

Polymer Modified Bitumen/Polymer-bitumen Binding

Polymer Modified Bitumen in accordance with Russian Federation National Standard 52056-2003 polymer-bitumen binding and SBS polymers with grades:

-«PMB 40»
-«PMB 60»
-«PMB 90»
-«PMB 130»
-«РМВ 200»
-«РМВ 300»

Polymer Modified Bitumen «Polygum» STO 63759559-002-2016:

– «Polygum» PMB 40
– «Polygum» PMB 60
– «Polygum» PMB 90

Polymer modified bitumen binding for the multiple purposes road’s construction: i.e. runaways, high speed auto and moto tracks, mastic asphalt for the bridge construction.

Polymer Modified Bitumen «Polygum» in accordance with Technical requirements 5775-004-63759559-2013:

– «Polygum» PMB 20
– «Polygum» PMB 40 L – Special purpose polymer modified bitumen for guss asphalt surface
– «Polygum» PMB 60 Polymer bitumen binding directional modification in accordance with client’s individual requirements.

Bitumen Modified with Polymers in accordance with European Standard EN 14023:2010

– PMB 10/40-65
– PMB 25/55-60
– PMB 25/55-80
– PMB 45/80-55
– PMB 45/80-65
– PMB 45/80-80
– PMB 65/105-60
– PMB 65/105-80


Polymer modified bitumen sealant Russian Standards GOST 30740-2000:

– BP-G25 (polymer bitumen sealant)
– BP-G35 (polymer bitumen sealant)
– BP-G50 (polymer bitumen sealant)

Sealing of joints/expansion joints and cracks in the concrete and asphalt-concrete pavements of airfields and roads.

Sealants «PetroSealer» (BP-G25, BP-G35, BP-G50) STO 63759559-003-2016 (Company Standard – Petro-Chem Technologies):

– «PetroSealer» BP-G25
– «PetroSealer» BP-G35
– «PetroSealer» BP-G50

These sealants have higher relative elongation and more stable flow indexes comparing to the Russian Standard 30740-2000 sealants. Furthermore, Sealants according to our company standard STO 63759559-003-2016 are more resistant to high outside temperatures and have lower water absorption index.

Our Sealants are designed for high-quality sealing of the expansion joints and cracks concrete and asphalt-concrete surfaces of airfields, bridges and roads.

Polymer modified bitumen EN 14188-1:2004

«PetroSealer» N1
«PetroSealer» N2

Sealants of joints/expansion joints and cracks in the concrete and asphalt-concrete pavements of airfields, roads.